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Who We Are:


We are a non-profit initiative working to heal and conserve the Amazon rainforest region as quickly and effectively as possible. We partner with organizations like yours to experiment with new ideas for developing the region in a sustainable, non-destructive way, and pave the way for the future of rainforest conservation. We offer funding opportunities to organizations doing important work, and other opportunities to empower local communities, such as high-paying jobs. Our goal is not only to conserve as much of the Amazon as possible, but also to empower the surrounding communities to regain their sovereignty and have a say in the future of their homeland. Our long term goal is to conserve over 10,000 acres of forest, build over 100 sustainable communities, and offer 1,000 high paying jobs. With your help, we can reach these goals, and help you on your mission as well!


We Want to Fund Your Vision:


We are looking to partner with the best and brightest organizations in the Amazon in order to conserve and develop the rainforest and surrounding communities as sustainably as possible. Apply for funding today!


This is Urgent!


As some of these projects could take several years, we need to take action as soon as possible. We’re sure that you are no stranger to the facts about deforestation. It is happening at a staggering rate, so we ask that you please help us in an urgent manner. The sooner we build the infrastructure, the sooner we can offer you funding!

How We Get Our Funds:


We partner with a variety of organizations who donate money to our cause. Our largest donor is our partner business, The Brink Media Company, an international web design company which donates 10% of its profits to The Brink Conservancy. They have built a pipeline for massive funding opportunities toward our nonprofit work and the work of organizations like yours, and we help them hire individuals in impoverished regions looking for high paying job opportunities. With our symbiotic partnership, we are able to provide funding for a variety of non-profit projects, and they are able to uplift communities with high-earning opportunities, thus facilitating social and economic mobility.


We are looking for a local Project Manager and Designer:


We are currently offering high-paying positions in the Amazon region. If you know someone who needs a job, we could use your help! Please refer them to our online application, and make sure they mention that you referred them. If we employ your reference, it will increase your chances of becoming a partner with us and receiving funding.


How You Can Help:

  1. Forward this email to your friends and partners in the region

  2. Share our job opportunity with people looking for high paying work

  3. Apply to become a partner and receive funding

  4. Join our Facebook group and stay updated with new opportunities

  5. Invite your local friends to our group who may be looking for work or funding

  6. Check out our website and follow us on social media

Join our Facebook group

Apply for Funding Here

Apply for Jobs Here


With love,


Gustavo Jose Serrano Gomez

The Brink Conservancy


My Story:


My name is Gustavo Serrano. I am a Colombian-American social entrepreneur, and the founder of the Brink Conservancy. In 2017, I spent six months in the Amazon region exploring healing centers, working with shamans and learning about the sacred ecosystems and wisdom that the rainforest has to offer the future of our planet. After becoming viscerally aware of the threats to the rainforest ecosystem, I realized I needed to take action to help however I could. I have since developed a series of organizations which will soon be yielding millions of dollars in the coming years, much of which will go directly toward rainforest conservation and organizations like yours. Now, I need your help to take the next steps. I would like to invite you to join me on my mission to save the Amazon from greedy corporate interests, before it’s too late -- for the sake of the countless species going extinct every day, but also for the ancient wisdom guarded by the forest, which is also being destroyed and often goes unnoticed. The potential of these forests to heal our species is limitless, and I have decided to dedicate my life to this mission. I sincerely hope you will consider playing a role, to whatever extent that you can. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us, and I hope we may find a way to partner up and fight against the industrial insanity for the brighter tomorrow we hold deep in our hearts.

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